Liberals, Worry About Citizens' Character, Not Just Trump's
Liberals know better than socialists or conservatives that free societies can only function effectively if they are comprised of strong individuals. Paternalism becomes necessary when individuals lack the capacity and agency to run their own lives well.
There’s a better way to celebrate take your kids to work day: Taking someone else’s kid instead
This week, parents are being urged to take their kids to work for the day. But here’s a better idea: Don’t. Strike a blow for equality by taking a kid from a different social background instead.
Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less (free speech)
The case of Murray v. Middlebury has generated plenty of interest, and for good reason. For those who missed it, Charles Murray, a distinguished if often controversial social scientist, was prevented from speaking at Middlebury College by repeated noisy disruptions to both a public and hastily-arranged private webcast.
Paid leave for fathers, too, please
The idea of paid leave is popular, as survey after survey shows. But in the minds of many, including President Trump, paid leave is seen as a women’s issue. This is wrong, wrong-headed, and regressive.
Drs. Carson and Price: Working together, you can narrow stubborn race gaps in health and housing
Dear Doctors Carson and Price, Congratulations on being nominated to serve as Secretary for Housing and Urban Development and Secretary for Health and Human Services, respectively, in the new administration.
Middle America’s malaise helped Trump to victory, but he has no cure
For many whites, and especially for white men, a vote for Donald Trump was a cry of pain. Leave aside that most of Trump’s voters did not attend rallies, and that few live in the bizarre, twitterspheric world of the Alt-right. His successful wooing of white middle America, especially in the Mid-West, and of white less-educated men, helped him to win the Presidency.
Social mobility: A promise that could still be kept
As a rhetorical ideal, greater opportunity is hard to beat. Just about all candidates for high elected office declare their commitments to promoting opportunity – who, after all, could be against it? But opportunity is, to borrow a term from the philosopher and political theorist Isaiah Berlin, a “protean” word, with different meanings for different people at different times.
Young Americans value commitment over marriage: But can you have one without the other?
Here are three things that we know for sure: Children raised in stable homes do much better in life; The commitment of parents to providing stability matters a lot; Married parents are much more likely to stay together than cohabiting couples.
5 ways to make the populist-Republican coalition government work
Nominally, the GOP now has political control of the federal government. But in reality, the U.S. is about to be governed by a coalition between a populist president and Republican leaders in Congress.